Inventor / Founder / CEO

“What inspired you to start inventing and designing ZeroRM’s first equipment?”

This is definitely the common question that anybody asks me when I go deep on explaining ZeroRM design together with its numerous concepts and use applications. 

The very first inspiration arrived in 2017, during a deep research of Bruce Lee unconventional training methods. Since I was child I have been fascinated by him and his holistic philosophy on Physical Training and Martial Arts.

“Trying to move an immovable object with the maximum effort.”

During that research, I discovered that he was one of the greater supporters of Isometric Training and especially the so-called Overcoming Isometrics: 

“Trying to move an immovable object with the maximum effort.”

Investigating deeply on this “unfamous” approach, I discovered more about its amazing benefits, the numerous science-based studies that support it, “old-school” and contemporary Coaches and Trainers using it with improvised uncomfortable ways and the reason why it was not so famous, common or used in Fitness industry: there was not a well designed dedicated simple tool that would allow working this method anywhere through ALL its variations.

The theoretical and scientific research suddenly become practical. I started testing the method with proper periodization and time/intensity protocols during several months in different ways and exercises, using walls, barbells with stop systems and other adapted objects: my general strength and power were quickly and clearly increasing in any other dynamic exercise I was approaching, my joint stress were neutralizing and my tendons were increasing function and durability. Simultaneously, ideas and creativity was flowing towards the opportunity to develop a meaningful invention in order to break any limitation and to bring an ergonomic smart solution dedicated to this beneficial training method. 

I decided to mix both my passions and main skills of Industrial Design and Physical Training to create the first worldwide portable strap design dedicated to all variations of Overcoming Isometrics, in order to help people enjoy its benefits for performance, health, fitness or aesthetic goals anywhere, without any barrier, in a multi-planar and versatile approach.

I started realizing various handcrafted prototypes to allow me to experiment with people(including athletes) and record all meaningful feedbacks.

Many products are developed by a process of “adding”.

Adding materials, adding components, adding forms and colors, adding graphics…

Sometimes this is a useful method and approach, in which the “function defines the shape”.

Sometimes it’s just a way to make a product look complex, captivating or “professional”.

A quote of the famous Italian designer Bruno Munari sayes: 

“Complicating is easy, simplifying is difficult. To complicate things, just add everything you want: colors, shapes, actions, decorations, characters, environments full of things. Everyone is capable of complicating things.”

During the development of our first product ‘ZeroRM ISO-Rack Strap’ I applied minimalistic design thinking.

I reduced components to the essential, putting the focus on ergonomics, top quality and durability of the non-elastic fabric material together with its stitching configuration, aiming for concepts such as a friendly user experience, versatility, portability and universality.”

I chose the total fabric material structure because it is the most similar material to a fluid, which can adapt and shape its form instantly, once again inspired by a concept of Bruce Lee’s philosophy. One of his most famous quotes says: “…be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

ZeroRM’s fabric surfaces instantly ‘become’ that open hand, that closed fist, that hips, that ankle, that forearm, that foot. Ultimately, it respects human anatomy, in order to minimize barriers and increase to the maximum versatility and use possibilities.

The structure (and consequently the name) of the first ZeroRM’s Isometric Strap design took direct inspiration from the “Rack”: that big metallic framework present in all gyms to support barbells or other equipments, characterized by a double vertical symmetrical numbering, to make more intuitive and standardize user interaction.

ZeroRM’s fabric surfaces instantly ‘become’ that open hand, that closed fist, that hips, that ankle, that forearm, that foot.