Physiotherapist at IMED UCV - Sport High Performance (Valencia-Spain)

"A versatile device with the possibility of use in any patient, especially useful in isometric strengthening and stabilization, so important and necessary as a base for any athlete, in addition to the possibility of working in suspension. In the treatment of our patients we also use it as a tool for muscle activation in different positions, according to the sporting technical gesture to be improved. ZeroRM offers us an innovative tool to improve the health of our patients."

Physical Training at IMED UCV - Sport High Performance (Valencia-Spain)

"Very practical tool that allows you to work with your own weight, adaptable to any task due to the different measures it offers. Its resistance also allows us to work in isometries, giving in that sense an additional plus that no other tool has, in such a simple and comfortable way."


"It's long time we train together outdoor in the park with bodyweight methods, and since we integrated ZeroRM in our training journey we discovered the real meaning of 'strength development'. The motionless training with Zero RM allow us to improve performance during our workout routines, in terms of maximal strength, explosiveness and technique of the exercises. Thanks to its versatility and portability, we can keep training outdoor without missing heavy weights. Furthermore we can use it as suspension training tool. We love it."


“a tool that helps in improving body awareness and better understanding how our body moves. For me, as a crossfitter, it helps me to work specifically the basic movements in a motionless form and consequently improve them in terms of technique, posture, activation and power.”

Physiotherapist & Fitness enthusiast

"As a Physiotherapist, I believe that ZeroRM solves an existing need in the functional rehabilitation industry: it’s a product that totally adapts to the needs of any patient at any level and allows them to build a good form and strength from isometrics, to improve their human performance and health. It allows me to choose patient's working angle on a specific exercise, according to the appearance of pain and its functional limitation. I can guide home treatments, without the need for the patient to have numerous and different gym equipments. Outside the physiotherapy framework, I use it for isometric training and its benefits on strength/power improvement and tendons health."

Professional Jiu Jitsu Athlete & Personal Trainer

“A unique product, I really like how easy it is to work with, it is very convenient to transport and allows me and my clients to train anywhere. As a fighter, maximum strength work is essential, and ZeroRM allows me to train it on the tatami, something that no other tools allows me. I can also focus my strength sessions with specific Jiu Jitsu movements on the mat, that’s amazing”